Try our NEW product!

Chilly temperatures are not easy on you or your residence. Let us help make life just a little easier.


Look familiar?

Salt may melt ice (sometimes) but the residue it leaves behind is the worst! Would you believe us if we told you that we have a product that eliminates the mess AND requires zero effort on your part? 


A better option...

Avoid the mess and stress of slippery sidewalks. Salt is not a reliable solution in sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, this product just creates a bigger mess and is damaging to the environment, vehicles, and your front entry.

We provide an eco-friendly option that is effective in any weather, requires no extra effort, and keeps your place looking spotless. Make the smart choice this winter and give us a call today.


"Pro Lawn and Landscape have done an outstanding job keeping our parking lots cleaned over the years. This past year they introduced a new product for ice melting. We were continually having to clean our entry way of the white salt residue and it was tracking into our lobby. Our parking lot was white with salt residue or full of sand. Jeremy and his crew this year have switched to a new product that virtually has eliminated the residue in and outside of our building."

Thanks Pro Lawn and Landscape!

-Prime Bank